When you are serious about security

Paradox Spectra 8 zone alarm system

Spectra provides safety, protection and peace of mind. Its’dependability
and flexibility allow you to adapt your needs. Its’ user friendliness and
functionality make it the best security system in its’ class.


  • 1 x Keypad 10 zone
  • 1 x 1738exp Panel 8 zone
  • 1 x 16 va transformer
  • 1 x Topin 12-7ah sealed lead acid rechargeable battery
  • 1 x metal box housing
  • 2 x pro+#476 motion detector
  • 2 x magnetic contacts
  • 2 x fixed emergency panic buttons
  • Cable + labour


Two systems for the price of one:
One Spectra panel can provide protection for two independent areas
at one location. Take for example a home office or basement apartment.
Why pay for two alarm systems when one spectra security system will do
the job?

Designed to meet your needs
Our intelligent Bus Technology allows you to expand your security system
very easily. You may want to add digital motion detectors, wireless technology
or a voice-assisted arm/disarm module suit your specific demands. Spectra
is designed to meet all your security needs as they grow.


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